Good Rain Gutters Keep Your Home Safe From Water Damage

Properly installed and maintained rain gutters are one of the best ways to keep your home from suffering water damage. Heavy rain and snowmelt, when not properly diverted from your house’s shingles and siding, can cause extensive structural damage. Water seeping in through the fascia board can lead to mold or rot that is expensive to have removed. Keeping water away from the foundations is equally integral to the longevity and structural integrity of your home. Hire a professional to do your gutter installation for the best results.

Rain gutters are attached horizontally along the roof edges and are designed to look like part of the crown molding. Drain pipes feed the water in a controlled flow to the ground, where the rain can be diverted away from the foundation or collected for other uses.

Gutter systems are available in multiple material types, including vinal, aluminum, copper, and galvanized steel — and additionally, you can get gutters in different colors, so the system will match (or compliment) the exterior of your house. Popular types of gutters are the K-style gutter, which can handle large water flows, and the more traditionally styled half-round gutter. Both styles can be made “seamless” when the gutter installation is done by a professional.

Having a gutter system is only the first step. You also need to maintain it so it doesn’t become clogged with leaves or debris, which reduces the gutter’s efficiency. Screen gutter covers are one way; they prevent leaves from getting into the pipes while still collecting rain. There are other options such as foam gutter guards and brush guards. If cleaning the gutters isn’t a task you want to add to your chore list, it’s easy to hire a contractor who will do the work for you.

A gutter system adds practical value to every home. Don’t let your investments get ruined by water damage from improper installation. Consult a professional contractor to find the best options for your house.