Gutter Installation Done Right

The gutter system on your house is a vital piece of architecture. Rain gutters redirect water away from the foundations of your home and prevent expensive water damage from leaks near the roof or siding. Gutter installation is also part of your home’s aesthetic, and you want a system that looks great and functions properly.

Know Your Options

There are multiple options for gutter installation. You can choose from aluminum, vinyl, copper, or galvanized steel, and pick a color that matches your house’s trim. While you can opt to clean your gutters yourself, there are multiple types of gutter screens and covers that prevent debris from clogging the pipes. A good investment for any house.

The gutter pipes must be mounted at the correct angles to allow for proper water flow. You want the rainwater directed away from the foundation so there’s no risk of flooding the basement. If you plan to collect rainwater for other uses, a professional contractor can advise you on the proper placement and the best size for your rain barrel.

If you decide to go with a seamless gutter system, the pipes need to be manufactured specifically to the measurements of your house. This is a classy look and helps avoid segmentation leaks.

Other factors to consider in gutter installation include the pitch or steepness of the roof, the size of the house, and how many drainage points you want.

K-Style Gutters

While K-style gutters are one of the most common types, if your house has a protruding roof anywhere, you will want an alternative system since K-style gutters must be attached to the fascia. Half-round gutters use brackets for suspension. Not sure which is best? This is where the pros come in. Hiring a professional contractor for gutter installation will save you time, headaches, and money.

Keep your house safe and dry by having a professionally done gutter installation for long-term peace of mind.