How Gutter Replacement Can Save You Time and Money

Gutters may be the great silent savior in the world of home repairs. Their job is to keep rainwater away from the sides of the house and redirect it elsewhere. Otherwise, water could fall straight off the roof and pool in the ground near the house’s foundation. This pooling can lead to mold, rot, and structural problems that may leave your foundation at risk. Which is exactly why having gutter replacement can give your house a new lease on life, keeping it functioning for years to come.

On the whole, gutters are fairly durable. Depending on the material they’re made of, they can last twenty to thirty years. Some copper gutters can even last up to fifty years if they’re properly cared for. However, gutters are as susceptible to harsh weather, wind, and heat as any other outside part of your house. Normal wear and tear for gutters can mean warping, cracking, or clogging—but it can also mean it might be time to get them replaced with A&S Gutter. 

Damaged gutters can be problematic for many reasons. Clogged gutters can cause a build up of water to form and sink through your house’s shingles and into your ceiling, causing leaking from above. Cracked or warped gutters may cause water to fall off the sides and pool near your house’s foundation, potentially causing mold and bacteria that can make those living in the house sick. Or, worse, that water can seep into your basement, ruining valuable goods inside and potentially rotting away the very foundation of your house. 

Cleaning and replacing your gutters by yourself can be done, but it can also be tiring and dangerous. Getting a professional can give you peace of mind and let you relax for an afternoon. Agutter replacement can get your house back to top draining potential, keeping it healthy and flourishing for another twenty to thirty years.