Protecting Your Home By Cleaning the Gutters

Safe gutters

Twice a year, homeowners across the United States shake their heads at the prospect of checking their home’s gutters and cleaning them out. They understand that the structure must be secure against their home, and the drainage spout must drain the runoff water away from the house’s foundation. However, that doesn’t make the job of checking the fittings and cleaning the channels while balancing on a tall ladder any less frustrating. Here are some reasons gutter cleaning is vital to proper home maintenance.

Gutter Construction

Your home’s roof is designed to guide the water off the structure to where gutters can catch the runoff. Then, the channels are tilted just enough to allow the water to move along to the downspouts around your home. This efficient manner of water removal keeps any liquid from draining down your home’s exterior and pooling around the foundation, moving into the crawlspace, or flooding the basement.

Gutter Blockage

If the gutter tubes become blocked and rain washes off the roof, the liquid will fill the tubes, and water will run over the top of the gutter, pouring down against your home and settling at the base. That is precisely what you do not want to happen. Even a small blockage in one gutter section can allow water to get under your home’s siding, bricks, or wood veneer. Gutter cleaning can avert that disaster and prevent you from spending money on mold remediation or siding replacement.

Gutter Trouble

Even if you don’t live in a forest, the wind can blow leaves, twigs, and plastic into your gutters. Dead animals, moss, and neighborhood toys can also settle in the tubes. That is why gutter inspection and cleaning are an essential part of your yearly home maintenance list. If you don’t want to clean the channels by yourself, call in a gutter cleaning company. Don’t put it off until next year; proactively protect your home today.